Ways to Keep Your Office Clean

Why Should You Use an Office Cleaning Service?

Let’s say that you own a small business with just 5 employees, and you have the option of cleaning the office yourself or hiring a professional office cleaning service provider. Sure there are more important things to do in the office than cleaning, for that, in our first blog post, we will explain what the advantages of hiring a professional company for your office cleaning are.

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How to Find a Reliable Local Cleaner That you Can Trust?

Who Said Booking a Professional Cleaning for Your Home or Office Is Easy?

round_logoIn order to let a stranger in your home or office, you need to be sure that he or she will do no damage to your property nor steal something. In other words, you need to have a guarantee that the professional cleaning contractor you are about to hire is reliable enough. In our post, we would like to share with you some information about what you need to look for in a contractor in order to make sure that he is a good choice. Continue reading

Uses of a Pressure Washer

When to Contact a Pressure Washing Service Provider

If you are a handy person, then you should start thinking about purchasing a pressure washer or hire a pressure washing service professional. Purchasing a pressure washer is one of the handiest tools a homeowner can have, they can be used to clean the walls, the side walk, patio, wood floor deck and much more. Continue reading

Paper Towel or Hand Dryer?

A Commercial Cleaning Specialists Discusses the Pros and Cons of Paper Towels and Hand Dryers

There are many factors that you need to consider when making the choice between paper towels and hand dryers. Although some of these factors are under your control as a business manager or owner (factors such as the type of hand dryer or the quality of the paper towels that you buy), other factors (such as the cost of electricity or how many paper towels are used by each visitor) are not. So, making the right decision often depends on the size of your business and how many times each restroom is used. However, as an experienced commercial cleaning service provider, I strongly believe that installing hand dryers in your restrooms is a good investment. Continue reading